46mm model

In 2014, Bell & Ross unveiled its new 46mm model replica, by means of a higher-tech, sporty chronograph, that was robust yet sophisticated. A serious form of the BR-01, whose legendary square shape is directly inspired by aeronautical flight instruments, the Bell & Ross 46mm model replica is a lot more than the usual high-finish contemporary sports fake watch: it's the "Ultimate Utility Watch."This season, still the main thing on technology, mainly beginning in the aeronautical and military domains, Bell & Ross has outfitted its hypersonic chronograph having a lightweight, ultra-resistant material: forged carbon.


Bell & Ross 46mm model replicaIn the constant pursuit of excellence, Bell & Ross has selected to include a higher-tech composite material in the style of the Bell & Ross 46mm model replica. Both lightweight and very strong, it plays a vital role within the aeronautical and space industry, particularly in producing structural parts employed for fuselages which are exposed to extreme mechanical stress. It's a material acquired utilizing a unique, patented conversion process. We've got the technology behind the procedure involves compressing carbon fibres having a thermosetting resin at hot temperature inside a steel mould.

The pioneering, multi-material style of the 46mm model replica produces a lightweight, strong and ergonomic piece.The chronograph may be the complication componen excellence in aviation. It may measure short amounts of time and it has become an important tool in navigation. It's therefore the chronograph has always enjoyed a unique place one of the aviation watch specialists at Bell & Ross Replica. It is common their latest creation -the 46mm model- isn't just any chronograph.