The Breitling Avenger Replica Watch is certainly an imposing watch, its purposeful presence highlighted much more with the brooding an exciting-black costume shadow it casts, when you're built in the grained black titanium situation, and offered on the light-weight, water-resistant military fabric strap, the burden in the watch belies its wrist-conquering size.

How large the Breitling Avenger replica signifies that beneath the azure very, the dial is expansive, as well as the ubiquitous noir is countered with white-colored-colored lettering and markings, which is almost magnolia lume round the hands and indices, and therefore nite and day legibility is about much like it'll get. The date too is highlighted within the 3 o'clock position getting a neat white-colored-colored box around its window as well as the slender seconds hands which begins black is nicely tipped in red getting a gem of lume.

Flipping the keep close track of reveals a lighter shade of titanium was used for your screw-in caseback featuring the Avenger collection's unusual but oddly practical novelty getting an easy weights and volumes ripping tools engraved to the solid titanium around that legendary Breitling emblem.


The Breitling Avenger replica could be the largest in the Breitling family, however whereas it's a worthy contender for your serious adventurer with whom Breitling's watch is an essential part of his survival package, it's large round the wrist if wearing anything getting a cuff, in addition to so, don't assume all wrist can hold it well effectively anyway, it is therefore definitely not for your slightly built or person with average skills!