Galtiscopio watch is made for ladies a wrist watch, its design philosophy from the young girl take their toys around the watch, to ensure that people love worries-free happy. Galtiscopio following a launch from the first watch series "Tong Mu Trojan" The city, the brand new launch from the "flowers", "to hug" series can also searched for after many people fashion people and favorite.

Galtiscopio "Tong Mu Trojan" series:

Everyone's heart is really a child innocence, but we reside in this big world, all sorts of reasons frequent make innocence unsuccessful to convey. Accident, the town people living tiresome, value the passing of time, but did not plan to carefully feel every 3 months from the hour, time, always end up being the shackles of existence. But through the story from the Trojan viruses started, time re-positioning, innocence and to re-Meng.


Galtiscopio "flowers" series:

Flowers blossom, forest wild birds singing, and you're me story book should have the scene, the match backward and forward always result in the whole picture of harmony and sweet, things are dependent on course, the company concept transport out as you, No complicated lounging, however the real child expression Magnificent. The continuation from the Trojan viruses story book, as the Trojans are not alone, since there are vibrant flowers accepted one another, more wild birds supported by travel dream country. Move, you will Find Trojans free Mercedes-Benz static, you will find flowers and aromatic wild birds melodious, Galtiscopio highlights the brilliant story book from the dynamic and static.


Galtiscopio "to hug" may be the new series launched this winter season:

Near the beads and 2 small round very different, along with the brand exclusive emblem, through the human hands created three-dimensional very bear, as whisper to inform "Produce a Hug" This time around also improved The same is your exclusive style, so completely made to take proper care of the feminine unpredictable character, so the great thing about people place it lower.


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